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Agency - First Run Edition, Hardcover - FREE SHIPPING

Agency - First Run Edition, Hardcover - FREE SHIPPING

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"Agency" is a word often taken for granted. A byline we glance over in an email signature. A word often associated with ego, overwork, and exploitation.

But what does 
agency really mean? What does it mean for us as individuals, for our work, and for our families? Can we reframe the importance of agency in our hearts and imaginations? Wrestling with these questions has been a cornerstone of our work for nearly fifteen years. Practicing agency requires balancing tensions of purpose, expertise, advocacy, and ambition. If you’re feeling burned out, ineffective, isolated, or even vain (a common trait in an influencer-driven society)—we’d suggest that your posture of agency may be out of alignment. We know that because we’ve been there, too. More times than we can count. And we finally found our way through. This book is about finding your way through the tensions of working on behalf of others to a sense of personal fulfillment and flourishing.

In our book, 
Agency: The Antidote to a Culture Obsessed with Self, we call these tensions the Agency Axis. We demonstrate how the antidote to burnout, ineffectiveness, isolation, and vanity is to practice agency in our lives and work. From young professionals to seasoned CEOs, from the self-employed to those working in major enterprises, the insights in Agency resonate broadly. We hope you’ll be inspired and empowered as Agency takes you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

This book is more than a career guide; it’s a roadmap to living a more balanced, fulfilling life. If you’re trying to do work that has purpose, help others, be a great at what you do, and accomplish your own goals and dreams—we’d love to share this book with you.

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